Article ID : 00020216 / Last Modified : 08/16/2015

The Remote Control Learn option to register and control a device does not work and displays an error message.

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The Remote Control Learn function may not work properly and may display an error Cannot receive remote signal. To resolve this issue perform a system update on the tablet. This will update your tablet to Android 4.0.3 Release 6.


  • Q1: Why did this issue occur?
  • A1: Before the update, the tablet had Android 4.0.3 Release 5, which provided only a 6 second time period to capture the IR sensor from the remote. This was not enough time to capture the remote command.

  • Q2: How does the Android 4.0.3 Release 6 update fix this issue?
  • A2: The Android 4.0.3 Release 6 update extends the time to capture the IR command from the remote by 24 seconds. The total time to capture the IR command of the remote control is now 30 seconds.