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Error: Browser has stopped working occurs when installing PlayMemories Home.

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If the error message Browser has stopped working appeared when installing the PlayMemories Home™ software, check on the following:

  1. Most of the times, the computer's firewall or anti-virus software prevents installation of programs on the computer.

    To allow the installation of the PlayMemories Home software to continue, temporarily disable the computer's firewall or anti-virus.

    NOTE: Re-activate the computer's firewall and anti-virus after the installation

  2. During the final phase of the PlayMemories Home installation, the program imports all photo and video content located on the computer. PlayMemories will not install if the pictures being imported have had the geotag information stripped by Geo Eraser or similar software.

    To complete the PlayMemories Home installation without errors, move all pictures that have been modified by Geo Eraser or by other methods off of the computer to a flash drive, memory card, external hard drive, etc. before installing PlayMemories Home.


  • Once PlayMemories Home is successfully installed, all modified pictures can now be copied back onto the computer without causing any problems or errors to the PlayMemories Home software.
  • If the measures above do not solve the problem, additional information is available at the PlayMemories Home support page.