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Benefits of the Android Version 4.0.3 release 5 upgrade for the Sony Tablet S1.

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Here is what is new and what will change with the Android Version 4.0.3 release 5 upgrade for the Sony Tablet S1:

  • The Guest Mode feature has replaced the Favorites feature. Image

  • The WALKMAN app has replaced the Music Player app. Image

  • The Movies app has replaced the Video Player app. Image

  • The Album app has been added. Image

  • The Small Apps feature has been enhanced to accommodate more Apps and Widgets: Image
    • Browser App
    • Remote Control App
    • Calculator App
    • Voice recorder App
    • Timer App

  • The Remote Control app has been enhanced to include more features. Image

  • The Socialife app has replaced the Social Feed Reader app.

  • There has been an extension of the Copy and Paste feature to additional applications.

  • The DLNA app has been removed, but the DLNA Throw feature is now available from within the Movies and Album apps, or the WALKMAN app.

  • There are new Icons for nearly all of the Apps that came with the tablet, and the Apps Tray has a new black background to replace the old white background. Image

  • There is a new look and feel to the tablet interface, with new background wallpapers and new large widget on some of the desktop screens. Image