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The DVR button or function of my set-top box is not working with the media box.

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The IR blaster code being may not support the control of all set-top box functions, such as DVR button usage. You may want to try a different code (if available) to see if additional functionality is possible.

Follow the steps below to select a different code.

  1. On the remote control, press the Image button.
  2. Press the Image button.
  3. Select System Settings.
  4. Select Video Input.
  5. Under Edit configured devices, select your set-top box.
  6. Select IR Blaster settings.
  7. Select the Code option.

    NOTE: There is a listing of codes under The following codes might work section.

  8. Try each code and confirm if full functionality with your set-top box can be achieved

IMPORTANT: Some set-top boxes do not have a dedicated DVR button to access the DVR Playlist. Each set-top box menu is different, refer to your service provider for details related to your specific set-top box model. For such set-top boxes you can try the procedure below.

  1. On the remote control, press the TV button to put the media box into the Live TV mode.
  2. Press the Image button.
  3. Choose Menu.
  4. Navigate to the DVR options within the set-top box menu system.

If none of the options above work for your model set-top box, you may want to contact your service provider to see if a firmware update is available for the set-top box or if a newer one is available.