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How to use manual focus when the camera is set to an automatic shooting mode.

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  1. Turn on the camera.
  2. Turn the mode dial to the Intelligent Auto or Superior Auto mode.
  3. Press the MENU button.
  4. Press the right side of the control wheel once to select the Camera2 icon.
  5. Press the control wheel down to select Focus Mode.
  6. Press the center of the control wheel.
  7. Press the control wheel down to select Manual Focus (MF) or Direct Manual Focus (DMF).

    NOTE:  DMF allows manual focus and auto focus to be used in combination. When pressing the shutter button half-way down, auto focus is activated. Afterwards, you can make fine focus adjustments manually while simultaneously turning the control ring.

  8. Turn the control ring to manually adjust the focus.

    IMPORTANT: If you selected DMF in step 7 above, first press and hold the shutter button to achieve auto focus on your subject. Afterwards, turn to control ring while simultaneously holding the shutter button to make any fine focus adjustments.


    • If the focus distance is set very close, the image may show dust or fingerprints on the lens. If this happens, wipe the lens with a soft cloth.
    • If you change the focus method, any previous focus distance setting is cleared.

  9. Press the shutter button down all the way to take the picture.