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Error: Not available in this video format appears when trying to use the HDMI preview feature.

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The following is a list of reasons why the message Not available in this video format may appear:


  • When an HDMI® device is not connected.
  • If the HDMI device is connected while it is turned off.
  • When the HDMI input being used is not content protected video.
  • When an unsupported HDMI video format is being viewed.

    NOTE: The following is a list of video resolutions that are not supported:

    • VGA
    • 480i
    • 576i
    • 4K
    • 3D
  • The appropriate HDMI input is not being selected on the receiver.
  • If the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the receiver is being used.
  • When the Zone2 Out setting on the receiver is set to On.
  • When the Fast View setting is set to Off.