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Multi Frame NR (PlayMemories Camera App)

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Below are a couple of common questions and answers about using the Multi Frame NR application and its bundled features.

IMPORTANT: Multi Frame NR is only supported for installation on select Sony® camera models. Visit the PlayMemories™ Apps website for information about supported cameras.

  • Images taken with Multi Frame NR do not display the ISO value when playing back.

    The ISO value is not displayed if you record images with Multi Frame NR and play them back without Multi Frame NR activated. To display the ISO value, first start the Multi Frame NR application.

  • When I switch the camera to the playback mode while Multi Frame NR is active, Program shift is canceled.

    When the image is recorded with the flash up or an external flash attached and turned on, Program Shift is automatically canceled after switching to the playback mode. If the image is recorded with the flash down or when an external flash is turned off, Program Shift remains on after switching to the playback mode. This is normal operation.