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How to connect the HomeShare speaker to an Android device using a push button Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

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The following solution provides the steps to connect the HomeShare speaker and a Sony® Xperia Android smartphone using a push button WPS connection. The steps might be slightly different if using a non-Sony Android smartphone or Android tablet. Refer to the manual supplied with the Android device for model-specific information.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the power cord and the LAN cable are disconnected from the speaker prior to following these steps.

  1. Connect the AC adaptor to the speaker.
  2. Turn the speaker on.
  3. Using the Android device, select Applications menu.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Select Wireless and Networks.
  6. Make sure the Wi-Fi box is checked or selected.
  7. Select Wi-Fi Settings.
  8. Select Auto setup (WPS).
  9. Press the WPS button on the speaker.

    NOTE: The WPS button on the speaker must be pressed with in 2 minutes of selecting Auto Setup (WPS) on the Android device.

  10. The LINK indicator on the speaker will be a solid green when a connection is made.

After making this connection, you will need to use an app on your phone such as the Network Audio Remote app to share or send music from your Android device to the speaker. Visit the Google Play™ store or contact the manufacturer of the mobile device for futher assistance and questions regarding these types of applications.