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What video, music, and picture file formats are supported for playback?

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The media types supported for playback are listed below.

Video file formats

  • 3gpp/H264 (.3gp and .3g2)
  • 3gpp/H264-AVC (.3gp and .3g2)
  • 3gpp/MPEG4-SP (.3gp9)
  • AVI/H.264 (.avi)
  • AVI/MPEG4 SP (.avi)
  • MOV (.mov)
  • MPEG2 Video/PS (.mpg and .mpe and .mpeg)
  • MPEG2 Video/TS (.m2t and .mts and .m2ts)
  • MPEG4-AAC-LC/LTP (.mp4 and .m4a)
  • MPEG4-AAC (.mp4 and .m4a)
  • MPEG4-HE-AACv1/v2 (.mp4 and .m4a)
  • MPEG4/H.263 (.mp4 and .m4v and .mov and .qt)
  • MPEG4/H.264 AVC (.mp4 and .m4v and .mov and .qt)
  • MPEG4/MPEG4-SP (.mp4 and .m4v and .mov and .qt)
  • WMV/WMV10 (.wmv and .asf)
  • Xvid (.avi)

Music file formats

  • 3gpp (AAC LC/LTP)(.3gp and .3gpp)
  • 3gpp (HE-AACv1/v2)(.3gp and .3gpp)
  • AAC LC/LTP (.3gp and .m4a and .mp4)
  • AAC-LC (.3gp and .m4a and .mp4)
  • AC3/DD (.mp4 and .mts)
  • HE-AACv1/v2 (.3gp and .m4a and .mp4)
  • LPCM/WAV (.wav)
  • MDI (.mid and .xmf and .mxmf and .rttl and .rtx and .ota and .imy)
  • MP3 (.mp3)
  • WMA (.asf and .wma)

Picture file formats

  • Sweep Panorama (by Sony)
  • 3D Sweep Panorama (by Sony)
  • Bitmap (.bmp and .dib)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • JPEG (.jpg and .jpe and .jpeg)
  • MPO
  • PNG (.png)