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What is Device Stage and how is it used?

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Device Stage is a feature of the operating system that is used to simplify the process of connecting and using hardware devices, such as music players, printers, webcams and mobile phones. Once the device is recognized, Device Stage allows you to see the status of the device and run common tasks related to it all from a single window. Device Stage has the same structure for all devices but the contents vary depending on the device. The information and functionality available for a given device will vary from one manufacturer to another because Device Stage can be customized by the manufacturer.

To open Device Stage and view a device, follow the procedure below.

NOTE: In the example images, the device is a Sony® Walkman® player.

  1. Connect the device per the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Press the Windows Logo + X key combination on the keyboard and, from the list, click Control Panel.


    NOTES: Because the Control Panel is a traditional Windows Desktop application, if you were not already there, the interface will change to the Desktop and the Control Panel window will open.

  3. In the Control Panel window, click Devices and Printers.

    NOTE: After the device is connected and recognized, it will appear in the Devices and Printers window.


  4. In the Devices and Printers window, double-click the device image.
  5. In the device name window, in the bottom pane, double-click the action you would like to perform.