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The DLNA Feature Doesn't Work with a Windows 8 Computer

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If the DLNA feature of your TV doesn't connect to a computer running Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 operating system, use the Wi-Fi Direct™ feature instead to share your favorite music, videos, or pictures. Follow these instructions to connect your TV to the computer using Wi-Fi Direct:

  1. Make sure to download the latest firmware update.
  2. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  3. Select Applications.
  4. Select Wi-Fi Direct.
  5. Connect your Wi-Fi Direct device to the TV.

    Wi-Fi Direct connection screen

  6. Select Sony TV on your Wi-Fi Direct device.
    • In some cases the Sony TV may appear as BRAVIA or BRAVIA TV.

If the Wi-Fi Direct set up fails, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Options button.
  2. Select Manual.
  3. Select either WPS or Other Methods
    • WPS Connection
      • On your Wi-Fi Direct device, go to the wireless network setting screen, select WPS (if capable, for automatic setup) or perform a scan to connect to the television.
      • The WPS setting is not available on all Wi-Fi Direct capable devices. Check the manual supplied with your cell phone, computer or other Wi-Fi direct device for information regarding the WPS setting.
    • Other Methods
      • The TV screen displays the SSID and the WPA key to use on your Wi-Fi Direct device.