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How to insert or remove a SIM Card.

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Follow these steps to insert or remove a SIM Card.

  1. Disconnect all cables that may be connected to the tablet, and then turn off the tablet.
  2. With the tablet off, open the SIM and SD Card slot cover.
  3. Insert a pin or small paper clip (not supplied) into the SIM Tray eject hole to eject the SIM Tray. Image
  4. Remove the SIM Tray. Image


    • When purchased, there will be a label attached to the SIM Tray. If you have not yet done so, pull the label to pull out the SIM Tray. Once the SIM Tray is out, remove the label before attempting to insert the SIM Card.
    • Handle the SIM Tray gently.
  5. Place your SIM Card so that it fits on the cutout side of the SIM Tray. Image

    NOTE:  Make sure there are no protrusions on the SIM Card after removing it from the packaging. Protrusions will prevent the SIM Card from fitting properly in the SIM Tray.

  6. Insert the SIM Tray back into the tablet. Image

NOTE:  Reverse this process if you wish to remove the SIM Card.