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There is flicker when playing back pictures taken with time-lapse photography.

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When playing back a compilation of time-lapse pictures you may see what appears to be a flicker or strobe effect. It is caused by a change in exposure between shots - some pictures were taken too dark or too bright. This exposure inconsistency can be due to automatic settings in the camera or natural lighting and is common with time-lapse digital photography using any brand camera. The amount of inconsistency can vary depending on the camera.

Although it can be difficult to maintain consistent exposure for each frame during time-lapse shooting, here are some recommendations to help reduce this issue:

  • Set the camera to the Manual (M) exposure mode.
  • Manually select the aperture value (f-stop).
  • Manually select the shutter speed.
  • Manually select the ISO setting.
  • Manually select the white balance.
  • Set the camera to Manual Focus (MF).
  • Turn off DRO.
  • Turn off Face Detection.
  • Turn off High ISO Noise Reduction (Disregard this suggestion if shooting in RAW).

By configuring the above settings, the capability of the camera to make automatic adjustments that affect exposure is minimized.

If you already have a compilation of time-lapse pictures with inconsistent exposure, it will be necessary to use third-party software to even out the brightness among the frames. Searching the Internet for time-lapse photography software will provide software options that you may be able to use.