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What is the Libraries feature and how is it used?

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The Libraries feature is a user-defined collection of content. A library is similar to a folder, but unlike a folder, a library can display files that are stored in several folders at the same time. Libraries don't actually store items. They monitor folders that contain a user's items and provide a single access point and allow views by file type, date or author of this collected content. Libraries are an integral part of the Windows® 8 operating system and are integrated in order to allow users to perform searches and filter the results.

An example of how libraries can be used would be if music files are kept in folders on your hard disk and on an external drive. You can access all of your music files at once using the Music library.

To access the Libraries feature, use the following procedure:

  1. Point to (but do not click) the lower-right or top-right corner of the screen, and then click to select the Search charm.


    NOTE: The Windows Logo + W key combination will also take you to the Search screen.

  2. In the Search screen, click the Settings category, and in the Search field, type Computer and then press the Enter key.
  3. In the Computer window, in the left pane under Organize, click to select Libraries.


In the selected library, your files are displayed and can be arranged as desired.