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How to copy the video tape from a camcorder to a VCR.

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  1. Connect an Audio/Video (A/V) cable to the A/V output jack on the camcorder.
  2. Connect the other end of the A/V cable to an available line input on the VCR.
  3. On the camcorder, move the POWER switch to the VTR or PLAYBACK position.
  4. Turn on the VCR.
  5. Tune the VCR to the line input in which the camera is connected.

    NOTE: The procedure to tune the VCR to the line input may vary depending on the manufacturer of the VCR. See if there is a LINE INPUT button on the remote control of the VCR or on the VCR itself. Some VCRs can be tuned to the line input by selecting channel 0 using the minus (-) button on the VCR remote control. If necessary, consult the instruction manual of your VCR for information about tuning it to the appropriate line input.

  6. Turn on the TV.
  7. Tune the TV to the channel or video input to view the picture from the VCR.
  8. Insert a blank video tape into the VCR.
  9. On the VCR, press the RECORD button.
  10. On the camcorder, press the PLAY button.