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How to record video from a Sony camcorder to a non-Sony VCR.

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  1. Connect the Audio/Video (A/V) cables from the camcorder A/V outputs to the VCR A/V inputs.

    IMPORTANT: On some camcorders, it is necessary to configure the A/V OUT in the camcorder menu.

  2. Turn on the VCR.
  3. Turn on the TV.
  4. Tune the TV to the channel or video input used to watch VCR tapes.
  5. On the VCR, select the line input for which the camcorder is connected.

    NOTE: There are various ways to select the line input depending on the brand of VCR connected. Consult the instruction manual or manufacturer of the VCR if problems are encountered selecting the line input.

  6. Turn on the camcorder to the mode.

    VTR Mode

  7. On the VCR, press the RECORD button.
  8. On the camcorder, press the PLAY button.