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Error: No Connect appears in the display when connecting two CD changers via Control A1.

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Follow the steps below to troubleshoot if a No Connect error occurs when connecting two CD changers.

  1. Verify that the slave changer is connected to the master unit with audio or A/V cables, and a Control A1 or Control A1 II cable. If the slave unit does not have Control A1 or A1 II, it cannot be daisy-chained.

    IMPORTANT: The control protocol on both players must be the same, control A1 to control A1 or control A1 II to control A1 II.

  2. The master units command mode must be set to COMMAND 1 while the slave unit must be set to COMMAND 3 .
  3. NOTE: Only one unit can be set as the slave unit. A third CD changer can be connected and set to COMMAND 2 , but it cannot be connected to the master and slave units.

  4. Verify that the master unit is connected to the receiver with an analog audio or A/V cable. The master CD player is unable to convert the analog signal from the slave unit to a digital signal.
  5. If there is still no audio from the slave unit, connect it directly to the receiver and play a disc to verify its operation. If the slave unit plays back correctly when connected directly to the receiver, the Control A1 cable needs to be replaced.
  6. Unplug the AC power from the master unit for one minute then plug back in to AC power to reset the master unit.