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How to connect a projector to the notebook computer.

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IMPORTANT: There may be a compatibility issue on some projectors. It may not be possible to display images on both the LCD display and the projector at the same time.

  1. Turn off the notebook.
  2. Open the protective door on the back of the notebook.
  3. Plug the display cable into the monitor connector.

    NOTE: Indicated by the blue symbol on the inside of the protective door.

  4. Turn on the monitor and the notebook.
  5. After the computer has completely booted into the operating system, press Fn + F7 to toggle between LCD Only, Display Only, or Both.
  • If the image on the external display is panning, too large for the screen, or too small to be legible, but is the correct resolution, press the Fn + F7 key to change the display output to the external monitor or projector only. This will allow the display to re-sync using a more compatible refresh rate.
  • The refresh rate for an external monitor or projector can be changed only if the LCD panel is toggled off and the correct external monitor or projector is selected within display properties. Once the refresh rate for the external monitor has been activated, the computer will switch the monitor back to 60 Hertz refresh any time the LCD panel is on.