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How to replace the Memory (RAM).

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Follow this procedure to upgrade the Random Access Memory (RAM).

The following RAM configurations are supported:

Total Memory Onboard Slot 1
512MB 256MB 256MB

When purchasing memory to install into the computer, select SDRAM meeting the following specifications and guidelines:


  • Gold edge connectors
  • 266Mhz DDR (CL2.5) SDRAM SODIMMs


NOTE: CL2.5 refers to the Column Address Strobe (CAS) Latency of the RAM. CL2.5 indicates that the computer will wait 2.5 clock cycles between a request for a unit of information in memory and the receipt of that information for further processing.

Follow this procedure to install RAM modules.

WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Ensure the computer is shut down and disconnected from power before following this procedure. It is also recommended to use a grounding strap to discharge static electricity during this procedure. If one is not available, touch an exposed metal part of the computer before handling the memory module.

IMPORTANT: Properly installing non-Sony memory does not void the limited warranty.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Discharge any static electricity by touching a grounded metal object.
  3. Disconnect all peripheral devices from the computer, including PC Cards.
  4. Disconnect the computer from power and remove the battery.

    IMPORTANT: Allow 2-3 minutes for the computer to cool down before proceeding.

  5. Close the lid of the notebook.
  6. On the bottom of the notebook, unscrew and remove the memory cover screw [FIG. 1] .
  7. Remove the memory cover.
  8. Ensure the memory slot is clean and free from dirt or dust.

    IMPORTANT: If there is dust or dirt in the memory slot, the notebook will not be able to access the new RAM and may not turn on.

    NOTE: If necessary, remove any current memory modules by pulling the two retaining clips outward [FIG. 2] and away from the memory module, then gently lifting the memory module from the memory socket.

  9. Remove the new memory module from the packaging.
  10. Ensure the pins on the new memory module are clean.

    IMPORTANT: If the pins on the memory module are not clean, the notebook will not be able to access the new RAM and may not turn on.

  11. Install the memory module by sliding the memory module [FIG. 3] into the memory slot.
  12. Push the uppermost edge of the memory module down toward the computer [FIG. 4] until the retaining clips click into place to firmly hold the memory module.
  13. Replace the memory cover and ensure the screw is in place.