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How to import and shake a file directly from a MICROMV™ camcorder in the MovieShaker™ 3.1 software for MICROMV format.

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  1. Connect the MICROMV camcorder to the computer using the supplied i.LINK® cable.
  2. Power the camcorder on to the VTR or playback mode.
  3. Start MovieShaker™ 3.1 software.
  4. In the In order to capture window, click the OK button.
  5. In the Movieshaker window, click the camera tab [FIG. 1].
  6. In the Movie Shaker has created an index window, click the OK button.
  7. In the MICROMV box, click the Scan button.

    NOTE: The will tape will be scanned.

  8. In the Scanning was completed window, click the OK button.

    NOTE: In the MICROMV box, thumbnails of the recorded video clips will be displayed.

  9. In the MICROMV box, click to select the desired video clip to be added to the project.

    NOTE: Multiple clips can be selected by holding the CTRL key on the computer keyboard while clicking.

  10. Click the Batch Capture button to transfer the selected video clips to the computer.
  11. In the Do you want to start window, click the OK button.


    • This capture process may take a long time based on the number and size of the video clips that are being captured.
    • The captured video files will displayed in the left pane [FIG. 2].
  12. If desired, quickly shake the captured video clips.
  13. If desired, add effects to a video clip.
  14. If desired, add text to a video clip.
  15. If desired, add a transition between multiple video clips.
  16. If desired, add a background audio track.

    NOTE: To remove an unwanted video clip, audio clip, effect or transition, drag-and-drop the clip to the trash can [FIG. 3].