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Compatability list for i.Link devices.

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The following ports are available on the notebooks -

* 1 4-pin i.LINK port on the left side of the system.

i.LINK (IEEE-1394)

Digital Media Converter (DVMC DA1)
Sony Digital HandyCam Camcorder (manufactured after Sep. 98)
- DCR TRV103 - DCR PC1
- DCR TRV110 - DCR TRV310
- DCR TRV315 - DCR TRV10
- DCR TRV510 - DCR PC10
- DCR TRV7000 - DCR VX1000
- DCR TRV900
Video Walkman (GVD900)
All consumer Digital Video devices with a 4-pin i.LINK port


* If the system autodetects and loads drivers for a Digital Video device connected to the i.Link port. It should be fully functional with the software features included on the notebook. If it does not function properly, attempt the connection with a different cable or refer the customer to the manufacturer of the Digital Video device for further assistance.

* The following Sony Professional devices support an i.LINK connection with these VAIO models. Sony has not performed any compatability testing between Sony Professional devices (DSR 200, etc) and the DV software installed on the VAIO computer. The customer must purchase compatible software to import or export video from a Sony Professional device.

Sony Professional Video Editing
- DSR 200A - DSR 20
- DSR 30 - DSR 70
- DSR V10 - DVR 1000
- GV D300 - DV D900
- ES 3