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What is the native resolution of the projector?

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The native resolution will vary by projector.

Projector Model Native Resolution
CPJ D500 640x480
VPL CS1 800x600
VPL S900M 800x600
VPL S900U 800x600
VPL SC50M 800x600
VPL SC50U 800x600
VPL SC60M 800x600
VPL SC60U 800x600
VPL S600M 832x624
VPL S600U 832x624
VPL PX1 1024x768
VPL PX20 1024x768
VPL PX30 1024x768
VPL VW10HT 1024x768
VPL X600M 1024x768
VPL X600U 1024x768
VPL X1000U 1024x768
VPL XC50U 1024x768
VPL FE100M 1280x1024
VPL FE100U 1280x1024