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The picture from the computer is shifted on the screen, there are lines on the screen or the picture is blurry, pixelized or out of focus.

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Follow these steps to correct the image on the television.

IMPORTANT: Verify that the display settings of the computer are set within the compatibility range of the television as different settings will produce varying image quality. This information is available on page 82 of the manual included with your product.

  1. On the television remote control, press the TV/VIDEO button until VIDEO 7 is displayed on the television.
  2. Press the WEGA GATE button.
  3. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW to select SETTINGS .
  4. Press the SELECT (+) button.
  5. Adjust the HORIZONTAL CENTER , VERTICAL CENTER , PHASE , and PITCH settings to correct the display.

NOTE: More information on these screen adjustments is available beginning on page 71 of the manual included with your product.