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The CD/DVD drive is not reading a CD/DVD or states ERROR: Drive not accessible.

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Follow this procedure to troubleshoot the CDROM/CDR/CDRW/DVDROM/DVDRW drive in the notebook computer.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the drive is properly connected and is powered on before proceeding. NOTES:
  • Sony DVDROM drives will not read DVDRAM disks.
  • Sony bundled DVDRW drives support only DVDR(G) and DVDRW media.
  • The Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system does not provide native support for CDR or CDRW disks formatted for packet writing. Packet writing software must be installed in order to access these discs. If packet writing software is not installed, the CD must be closed on the computer used to create it in order to read the data on it.
  • Attempt to access the CD/DVD drive after each troubleshooting step.
  1. Reinsert the disc.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Remove and reconnect the optical drive.
  4. Ensure the drive is turned on.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the CD/DVD to be detected before attempting to access the disk.
  6. Ensure the disc is inserted correctly.


    • The disc is seated properly when it clicks into place on the center spindle
    • .
    • The label should be facing up for CD and single-sided DVD discs.
  7. If the drive works for other audio and data CD/DVDs, the disc may be damaged in some way and is unreadable.


  8. Reinstall the CD/DVD drive driver .
  9. Attempt to start from the recovery CD.
  10. Moisture or condensation may have occurred on the laser. Leave the notebook powered on for at least one hour before attempting to use the drive again.
  11. It is possible that the drive lens has accumulated some dust and needs to be cleaned.
  12. Check for available updates from the Sony® eSupport Web site at .
  13. Peform a system recovery.
  14. If the issue is still unresolved after completing all of the troubleshooting steps, service will be required.