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The initial setup screen for auto programming keeps displaying at random.

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The Initial Setup screen will appear every time the television is turned on until an Auto Program is performed.

If the television has been auto programmed and the Initial Setup screen appears when turning on the television, this indicates that the television has experienced a loss of power. Other than a power outage, the television will lose power if plugged into an external component, such as a cable box, and the component is turned off. Plug the television into a wall outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch to eliminate this type of power loss.

IMPORTANT: Auto Program must be performed at the Initial Setup screen on some televisions or the channel up and down buttons on the remote control and television may not work.


  • Information about how to auto program the television is available in the instruction manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • If the initial setup screen is displaying at random times even after the Auto Program has been completed and the television has not lost power, service will be required. Go to Product Repair.