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The rechargeable battery for the portable device loses its charge when not in use.

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It is normal operation for a rechargeable battery to lose charge when the portable device is off or the battery is removed from the portable device. Battery life will vary depending on the functions and operations used.

IMPORTANT: For model-specific information pertaining to your model, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot rapidly-draining batteries.

  1. If your model has removable batteries, ensure that the batteries are clean and free of corrosion.
  2. If your model has removable batteries, try using a different brand of alkaline batteries.
  3. For models with a G Sensor, if the G Sensor is set to ON-Anytime, the G Sensor remains active and consumes battery power even when the player is not in use. To conserve battery power, set the G Sensor to ON-MusicPB or OFF.

NOTE: If the portable device seems to drain the batteries too quickly even when it is not being used or in the case of models with the G Sensor, drains too quickly when not being used and the G Sensor set to ON-MusicPB or OFF, service may be required. Go to Product Repair.