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How to set up and start a new slideshow using photos from a different device.

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NOTE: You can change between the internal memory, memory cards and/or the USB drive in order to use photos from the different devices.

  1. Press the OPTION button.
  2. Select Select background photos, then press the ENTER button.
  3. Press the BACK button.
  4. Select the device which contains the photos desired for the slideshow, then press the ENTER button.
  5. Select any photo, then press the ENTER button.
  6. Press the ENTER button again.
  7. Select YES.
  8. Press the ENTER button to set the background photo.
  9. Press the OPTION button.
  10. Select Begin slide show, then press the ENTER button.

    NOTE: If Stop slide show is visible instead of Begin slide show, press the BACK button instead of the ENTER button.

All the photos that were selected as background photos from the device will now be displayed as a slideshow.