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What types of Bluetooth profiles are supported by the Bluetooth Stack by Toshiba?

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The Bluetooth® Stack by Toshiba® supports the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • Dial-up Networking profile (DUN)
  • Serial Port profile (SPP)
  • Object Push profile (OPP)
  • Hardcopy Cable Replacement profile (HCRP)
  • Personal Area Networking profile (PAN)
  • FAX profile (FAX)
  • LAN Access profile
  • Human Interface Device profile (HID)
  • File Transfer profile (FTP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution profile (A2DP)
  • Audio/Video Remote Control profile (AVRCP)
  • Generic Audio/Video Distribution profile (GAVDP)
  • Head Set profile (HSP)
  • Basic Imaging profile (BIP)