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How to install a different map onto the nav-u unit.

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Follow this procedure to install a different map using the PC connection software:


  • The PC connection software is not compatible with the Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system.
  • The Full USA map is pre-installed on the nav-u™ unit. It is only necessary to install the PC connection software if you wish to change the map data or change the language.
  • Before you can access the Map Manager, the PC connection software must be installed .


  • Turn off your screen saver and any power save modes such as standby or hibernate (if applicable) before transferring map data. These modes will disrupt the data transfer. If the transfer is disrupted, you will need to start the transfer over from the beginning.
  • Close all applications that may be running before beginning this procedure.
  1. Connect the supplied AC adapter to the nav-u unit.
  2. Connect the nav-u unit to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  3. Turn on the nav-u unit.

    NOTE: Connecting will be displayed on the unit.

  4. Close any applications that may be running.
  5. Insert the supplied DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.
  6. In the Sony Personal Navigation System screen, click US English.
  7. Click Map Manager.
  8. In the Map Manager window, click to clear the check in front of any currently installed maps you want to delete from the unit.

    NOTE: The Full USA map is pre-installed. Because it takes up most of the free space available, you must first remove the Full USA map before installing any other maps.

  9. Click to place a check in front of the map you want to install.


    • You can install as many maps as you have available space (1GB). As you select maps, the remaining space available is indicated in the lower right corner of the Map Manager window. If you are unable to select a map, it is because its size is larger than the remaining free space.
    • If you hover the mouse cursor over a map, the area is indicated in red and the size is indicated just below the map.
  10. Click Transmit.
  11. In the It can take a little while to transmit map data box, click OK.

    NOTE: Depending on the map type, it may take a couple of hours to transfer the map data. If the progress bar is not displayed, on your keyboard, press and hold the windows key and then press M . This action will minimize all open windows and leave just the progress bar in view.

  12. In the All files have been transferred successfully box, click OK.