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What type of cable and what types of equipment can be connected to the Digital Video Interface (DVI) input on a Sony® television?

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The DVI input available on some Sony® televisions is designed for use with high-definition video equipment such as cable and satellite set-top boxes, DVD players and recorders.

Such equipment can be connected to the DVI input on the Sony television using a standard DVI-D cable. A High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable can also be attached to the DVI input with an adapter.

In some cases, a computer with the Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition operating system or with a DVI- or HDMI-capable video card may work on a Sony television in VGA resolution. However, the process of converting to VGA resolution may cause the image to not display exactly as it would appear on a computer monitor. In some cases, it may not display at all due to High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) or other incompatabilites with the PC video card.


  • Sony only supports connections between the television DVI input and a high-definition set-top box (STB). Connecting the television's DVI input to other signal sources is not supported.
  • Sony cannot guarantee DVI-connection compatibility with third-party devices. If an error occurs when connecting a third-party device to a Sony television, refer to the third-party manufacturer for support.