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Information about counterfeit Sony Micro Vault storage devices.

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It has come to our attention that a number of counterfeit storage devices are illegally being produced and sold with the Sony® Micro Vault® name and logo. These fake devices are known to come in various shapes and sizes, but some look remarkably similar to genuine Sony Micro Vault storage devices. Many of these counterfeit storage devices are known to be sold through online auction Web sites. If it appears that you have possibly purchased counterfeit storage device, you should contact the dealer or online auction provider.

The following are possible indications of a counterfeit Micro Vault storage device:

  • The model number listed on the media does not match any known genuine Sony models.
  • No warranty card was provided in the packaging.
  • The device is unable to hold the amount of data as stated on the product.
  • The device takes an unusually long time (up to an hour or more) to finish writing data.
  • When trying to read data, the information is corrupt.
  • Strange files or folders appear on the storage device, but cannot be deleted.

To help Sony take action against counterfeit activity, please report counterfeit Micro Vault products to: