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How to use the Net MD Walkman recorder with a computer and the SonicStage 1.5 software.

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    1. Install the supplied SonicStage® 1.5 software .
    2. On the Net MD™ Walkman® recorder, insert a blank MiniDisc.
    3. Connect the AC power adapter to the DC IN 3V jack.
    4. Connect the AC power adapter to a wall outlet.
    5. Connect the appropriate end of the supplied USB cable to the portable recorder.
    6. Connect the other end of the USB cable to an available USB port on the computer.

      NOTE: Use of the portable recorder with a USB hub or a USB extension cable is not guaranteed or supported.

    7. Import or record music files into the SonicStage 1.5 software.
    8. Check-in or check-out music files between the SonicStage 1.5 software and the portable recorder.

    Information regarding upgrading to the latest version of Sony's music management software is available at the Sony® eSupport Web Site. Please note system requirements prior to upgrading your current application.