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How can I improve the wireless range of my LocationFree TV?

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Try moving the Base Station to a higher position in the room (e.g. on top of a shelf or cabinet). Avoid placing the Base Station on a lower shelf or inside a TV cabinet. At the time of purchase, the LocationFree® TV is set up to select the best channel automatically, either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. When the wireless communication signal becomes unstable during wireless operation, the LocationFree TV automatically shifts to the clearest wireless channel. In the following situations, however, you should change the wireless channel manually:

  • TV pictures are frequently interrupted.
  • Another wireless device using the same frequency is located near the unit.
  • You want to connect a computer to the Base Station as a wireless access point.
    • Open the Settings window and select Home Wireless.
    • Adjust the necessary items:
      1. Select Manual.
      2. Select a wireless channel.
      3. Select Set.
      4. Check the wireless signal quality.
  • Change the wireless channel as needed to find the best picture quality.