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The nursery monitor beeps continuously.

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The nursery monitor will continue to beep if the battery pack needs to be recharged or replaced. First, try recharging the battery pack. If the beeping is not resolved after recharging, then replace the battery pack with a new one and follow the steps below to charge it for the first time.

  1. Turn off the nursery monitor receiver.
  2. Open the battery compartment lid of the nursery monitor receiver.
  3. Remove the old rechargeable battery pack.
  4. Insert the new rechargeable battery pack into the battery compartment.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure the battery pack wires are positioned properly so they are not pushed out of the compartment when closing the lid.

  5. Close the battery compartment lid.
  6. Open the DC IN 9V jack cover.
  7. Connect the AC power adapter to the DC IN 9V jack, and then plug it into a working wall outlet.

    IMPORTANT: The nursery monitor receiver must remain turned off while charging.


    • Approximately 15 hours is required to charge the battery pack to its full capacity.
    • The CHARGE indicator remains lit, even after charging has been completed.