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How to record from an external digital or analog audio source.

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  1. Connect the external audio source to the CD recorder.

    1. If connecting an analog audio source, connect an audio cable to the ANALOG IN jack.
    2. If connecting a digital audio source, connect an optical cable to the DIGITAL OPTICAL IN jack.

  2. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on DECK B to open the disc tray.
  3. Place a recordable CD-R or CD-RW into the disc tray.
  4. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button again to close the disc tray.
  5. Press the INPUT button repeatedly to select OPT or ANALOG.

    1. Select OPT if a digital source is connected.
    2. Select ANALOG if an analog source is connected.

  6. Press the REC button.

    NOTE: DECK B stands by for recording.

  7. Adjust the recording level if necessary.
  8. Press the PLAY button.

    NOTE: The CD recorder will begin recording from the input.

  9. Start playing the sound source you want to record.