Article ID : 00028590 / Last Modified : 09/08/2015

How to transfer music files to a portable player or recorder in the SonicStage® 3.x or SonicStage® CP (SonicStage Version 4.x) software.

    Follow this procedure to transfer music files to a portable player or recorder.


    • For portable players that double as storage devices, music files transferred to the portable player via the Windows Explorer interface will not playback on the portable player. You must use the SonicStage® software to transfer the files.
    • Music files available from the Connect™ Music Store must first be downloaded to My Library in order to be transferred to the portable player.
    • Do not disconnect the USB cable or remove the player from the USB cradle while the data is transferred. The data being transferred may be destroyed.
    • Connecting the player with a USB hub or a USB extension cable is not guaranteed. Always connect the player to the computer directly using the dedicated USB cable.
    • Some USB devices connected to the computer may interfere with the proper operation of the player.
    • The control buttons on the player are all disabled while it is connected to a computer.
    • When there is not enough free space on the player for audio data to be transferred, the transfer will fail.
    • During the transfer, the system suspend, sleep, or hibernation function will not operate.
    • Depending on the type of the text and number of characters, the text entered by the SonicStage® software may not be displayed on the player. This is due to the limitations of the player.

    1. Connect the portable player or recorder to the computer.
    2. Start the SonicStage® software.
    3. In the SonicStage window, click the Transfer button.
    4. Click to select the device to transfer the music files to.
    5. In the My Library pane, locate the tracks.
    6. Click to select the album or tracks to transfer to the portable recorder.

      NOTE: Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple albums or song files.

    7. Under Transfer , click the right arrow button.

    ** Information regarding upgrading to the latest version of Sony's music management software is available at the Digital Music Player Support Web site at . Please note system requirements prior to upgrading your current application.