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What is the XBRITE™ Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology?

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XBRITE Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology provides brilliant colors, sharp contrast and a crisp display.

Inspired by High-Definition Television (HDTV) technology, XBRITE displays are engineered to provide razor-sharp detail and comfortable viewing.

The high brightness level of an XBRITE display means that black tones appear richer and deeper while white tones remain brighter. Graphics and text display clearly and colors appear more lifelike. XBRITE technology provides a better representation of true colors than a standard LCD display or a standard tube display.

XBRITE displays feature a special multi-layer anti-reflection coating on the screen surface. The coating reduces glare and ambient light reflection, reducing eye fatigue. The coating also gives the display a wider viewing angle than a standard LCD display.

Most LCD displays use a single lamp to illuminate the screen. XBRITE displays feature dual-lamp illumination for more evenly distributed light across the entire screen. This provides a brighter, more consistent display while maintaining a low power consumption profile.

XBRITE LCD displays also feature faster video response times than standard displays. For this reason, XBRITE displays are perfect for watching DVDs. Also, video games, photo slide shows and other graphics-intensive applications are clearer and more lifelike.