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The antennas and remote control are missing or the function buttons do not work on the Clock Radio.

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Sony has discovered that a limited number of the ICF-CS15iP Speaker Dock Clock Radio units sold through Best Buy™ and Walmart® may be missing certain accessories, such as the FM Wire, the AM Loop antenna and possibly the remote control.

Although this issue has been corrected, a small number of affected units have reached consumers. Affected units have serial numbers in the range from 000001 to 0002500. While a majority of the Clock Radios within this serial number range have already been modified; Sony would like the opportunity to correct any units purchased by our customers that may have been missing these particular accessories.

If your ICF-CS15iP Speaker Dock Clock Radio did not contain the accessories identified above, contact the Sony® Customer Support at (239) 768-7547 to speak with a customer service representative.