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The Biometric sensor and the Upek Protector Suite software do not work properly.

    When the Biometric sensor and the Upek® Protector Suite™ software do not work properly, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

    1. Clean the sensor and wipe your hands.

      NOTE: Fingers that are peeling, or that have been otherwise scarred since registration, may not scan properly.

    2. Ensure the fingers that are currently being used were previously enrolled in the application.

      NOTE: Registering more than one finger is recommended.

    3. Review the Fingerprint Tutorial available on the All Programs menu to ensure that fingers are being swiped properly.
      • Position the first joint of the finger to be used above the sensor.
      • Maintain finger contact with the sensor while sliding the finger towards you in a straight line.
      • Make sure to keep the finger in a flat position.
    4. Observe any error messages displayed by the software to indicate the cause for an incorrect swipe, such as the finger movement being too fast or skewed.

      WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. All data, including all fingerprint scans, will be lost if the software is uninstalled without selecting the Leave Protector Suite data for later use option.

    5. Uninstall the Upek Protector Suite software  and reinstall it. Downloads are posted on your model support page.


      • The VAIO Recovery application  can also be used to reinstall the software.
      • When reinstalling the software using the VAIO Recovery wizard, it may be listed as Fingerprint Protector Suite.
      • When uninstalling the software, under Uninstallation Warning, click to select the Leave Protector Suite data for later use option.
      • If the software does not reinstall properly, another procedure  is available.