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Why is Sony using the AVCHD format instead of the Blu-ray Disc format for high definition recording using a camcorder?

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While AVCHD and Blu-ray Disc® technology both have its advantages, AVCHD has been standardized to realize the convenience of recording personal high definition (HD) content on conventional 3" (8cm) DVD media, hard disk drive or Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media. Whereas, the Blu-ray Disc format has been standardized to record, playback and securely distribute high-capacity digital broadcasting content with copyright protection. In addition, due to the high power consumption required and the current inability to reduce the Blu-ray Disc media to a more compact size, the development of a Blu-ray Disc camcorder is not possible at this time.

NOTE: DVD media recorded in the AVCHD format will have playback compatibility with Blu-ray Disc products from Sony®, Panasonic® and possibly other manufacturers based on licensing agreements. The AVCHD format is not compatible with HD DVD products.