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What is the purpose of the color temperature setting for the white balance control?

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This function allows you to directly set the color temperature (Kelvin) or the Magenta/Green color compensation for white balance. It is useful for photographers who want to use their own ideas for color reproduction using measured values from a color meter or learned values from experience. The photographer also can use the color correction data from the custom white balance to fine tune the settings and easily achieve the desired level of adjustment.

IMPORTANT: Some light sources, such as fluorescent, sodium, or mercury lamps, have very intense characteristics for light wavelengths (color). When using a type of light source that has an emission-line spectrum, the color temperature and color correction filter value on the digital camera are different from the values on color meters created for film cameras. Either use the custom white filter or adjust the color temperature and color correction filter value while taking trial shots to check for optimum results.

NOTE:  Color temperature can be set between 2500K-9900K in increments of 100.