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Can the internal battery of the Reader be recharged while overseas or in a location outside of the United States?

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The AC Charger of the Reader™ digital book requires a 120 Volts 60Hz power supply. This type power supply is typically not available overseas or in location outside the United States. In order to connect the AC Charger to power outlets and charge the Reader in countries outside the United States, a Voltage Converter and/or physical plug adapter may be needed.


  • It is also possible to charge the Reader by connecting it to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • If the internal battery of the Reader is completely depleted, the Reader will not charge by connecting it to the computer using the supplied USB cable and must be charged using the AC Charger.
  • The lightning bolt symbol that appears next to the battery icon [FIG. 1] on the display of the Reader is an indication that the Reader is connected to AC power and is charging the battery properly. If the lightning bolt symbol is not present, double check the AC Adapter to ensure that the Reader is properly connected.
  • The lightning bolt symbol will not be displayed when charging via a USB connection.
  • When charging the battery via the AC Adapter or USB connection, allow the Reader to charge until the battery charge indicator light (located above the power switch) goes off. The battery icon on the display of the Reader will always show full when connected to AC power even when the battery is not fully charged.
  • Due to the nature of the E Ink electronic display technology, the LCD can retain an image without having power. Turning the page is the only time power is consumed. If the Reader's power is completely depleted, the LCD will retain the last image that was displayed, thus making it appear like the Reader is frozen and in some instances it will not have enough power to perform other operations such as turning on or off.