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How to troubleshoot issues with a third-party software or hardware product.

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Sony cannot assist with, and is not responsible for the installation, support, or troubleshooting of third-party hardware or software products. Support options and contact information for third-party products can be found in the product documentation. Support options for third-party software also often have help files within the software that can provide support assistance or contact information. To obtain any additional assistance with the installation, troubleshooting, or support for a third-party product, contact the product manufacturer.


  • Logitech® computer accessories sold with a Sony® computer are supported by the manufacturer. Logitech customer support is available at the Logitech website.
  • To uninstall third-party software, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or close all running applications and use the Uninstall a program  feature of the operating system.
  • If installation of a third-party software product is causing an issue with the computer, and that issue prevents the software from being uninstalled by normal means, a common troubleshooting technique used to return the computer to functionality is to restore the computer  to a point in time prior to when the third-party software was installed.