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Can the Sony® player plug-in for Windows Media® player be installed without the Digital Voice Editor (DVE) software?

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The DVE software does not have to be installed. The Sony player plug-in enables the playback of compressed voice files (.DVF and .MSV) on the Integrated Chip (IC) recorder with the Windows Media player application, version 6.4 or higher.

Even if the DVE software is installed , you can attach the setup program of the player plug-in to an email message by doing the following steps:

NOTE: Attaching the player plug-in setup program allows the recipient to play back the message with the Windows Media player.
  1. Open the OPTIONS window by doing one of the following:
    • Click OPTIONS on the toolbar.
    • Select OPTIONS from the TOOL menu.
  2. Once the OPTIONS window is displayed, click the MAIL tab.
  3. Once the MAIL window is displayed, check to select Attach the player plug-in setup.
  4. Click OK.


    • Every time you attach a message from the DVE software and send an email message, the setup program (approximately 1.05MB) for Sony player plug-in for Windows Media player version 6.4 or higher is attached.
    • When using the Microsoft® Outlook® 2000/2002/2003 or Outlook Express 6.0, you cannot send or receive an execution file, such as the player plug-in setup program.
    • When attaching a file recorded from a CD to an email message, the file cannot be played back in a computer except for the computer where the file is recorded.

The player plug-in can also be downloaded from the Sony eSupport Web site.