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The red POWER/CHARGE indicator light will not turn off on the transmitter for the headphones.

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The red POWER/CHARGE indicator light will not turn off if the headphones are removed from the transmitter before receiving a 16-hour charge. If the 16-hour charging cycle is interrupted, a new charging cycle will begin the next time the headphones are placed on the transmitter. However, after 16 continuous hours of the headphones being on the transmitter, the charging ends and the POWER/CHARGE indicator light goes off, regardless of the battery level. This is automatically controlled by the timer in the transmitter.

If the POWER/CHARGE indicator light does not turn off after the headphones have been on the transmitter for a full 16 hours, or if the headphones do not turn on after being on the transmitter for 16 hours, service may be required. Go to Product Repair.