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Pictures taken underwater using a marine pack have a bluish or greenish appearance.

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Depending on the body of water, pictures taken underwater may exhibit a bluish or greenish appearance. This is due to the density and natural color of the water, and the depth at which the pictures are taken. Water is much denser than air and when light passes through the water, the light rays are bent and absorbed by the water; different wavelengths of the light spectrum are absorbed at different depths. The natural color of the water also contributes to the appearance.

If your camera has a white balance setting for CLOUDY , using this setting can help reduce the blue or green appearance. However, when taking pictures underwater, it is recommended that a color filter be used with your marine pack; this is a specially-designed filter for reducing the blue or green appearance common to underwater photography.

NOTE: Check with a local photography store or visit Sony® Parts and Accessories Sales to see if a compatible color filter is available for your marine pack. Go to Parts and Accessories.