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Unable to access or view the images on the camera after they were viewed on a computer.

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Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Ensure the file name and file format of the images on the recording media have not been changed.

    IMPORTANT: Some third-party software used to view images may change the file format when an image is viewed. This will result in the inability of the camera to display the images.


    • An example of a file name for a Mavica® camera is MVC-xxxx (x represents a numerical digit).
    • An example of a file name for a Cyber-shot® camera is DSCxxxxx (x represents a numerical digit).

  2. Ensure the file and folder structure has not been changed.

    IMPORTANT: Image files stored on Memory Stick® media must comply with the DCF file structure [FIG. 1].

  3. If your camera has a Date View or Favorites mode feature, ensure these features are set to Normal.

NOTE: If the image resolution or content has been changed, the image cannot be viewed using the index feature of the camera.