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What is the purpose of the different Program AE modes?

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The Program AE modes are specifically designed for taking pictures in different lighting situations.

NOTE: All the Program AE modes listed below may not be available on all Sony® digital still cameras.

Program AE Mode Description
Shutter Speed Priority Mode
Records a sharp picture of a fast moving subject, or the flow of motion of a moving object. A faster shutter speed should not be used in darker shooting situations because more light is needed with this setting. Pressing the + or - keys changes the shutter speed.
Aperture Priority Mode
This mode makes the subject stand out against an unclear background, or makes both the subject and the background stand out clearly. Pressing the + or - keys allow adjustment between F2.0 and F8.0
Twilight Mode
This mode suppresses the washed out look of a bright subject in a dark place.
Twilight Plus Mode
This mode is an enhancement to the Twilight Mode.
Landscape Mode
This mode focuses on a distant subject and should be used for shooting landscapes.
Panfocus Mode
This mode changes the focus quickly from a close subject to a distant subject.
Spot Light Metering Mode
Position the subject within the cross hair displayed on the LCD to automatically adjust the exposure settings for the subject.