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How to install the Memory Stick® Camera Module for the CLIE® handheld.

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Follow this procedure to install the Memory Stick® Camera Module.

IMPORTANT: The MSCam_enUS.prc update must be installed to operate the Memory Stick® Camera Module with the handheld. The MSCam_enUS.prc Memory Stick® Camera Module update is available for download from the Sony CLIE® Handheld Support Site at: .

  1. Insert the Memory Stick® Camera Module software Installation CD into the CD/DVD drive.
  2. In the installation menu, click Installation of Software for Memory Stick Camera Module .
  3. In the InstallShield Wizard window, click to select the desired components to install.
  4. NOTES:

    • The PictureGear™ Pocket version 2.1 software is required to view pictures taken from the Memory Stick® Camera.
    • The CLIE Paint software is an optional software that allows drawing or editing of pictures in the Picture Pocket format.
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. In the Choose Destination Location window, click the Next button.
  7. If more than one user is available, select the preferred user, and click the OK button.
  8. NOTE: The installation can be repeated for each user, if desired.

  9. In the Install Tool window, click the Done button.
  10. In the Install Tool dialog box, click the OK button.
  11. NOTE: The files will be transferred to the handheld during the next HotSync® operation.

  12. The Memory Stick® Camera software will automatically start when the camera is inserted into the handheld.
  13. NOTES:

    • If necessary, the camera settings can be accessed by tapping the wrench symbol within the camera software.
    • The Memory Stick® Camera Module does not store captured images. The images taken with the camera are stored on the handheld.
    • Images stored on the handheld can be copied, moved, or deleted using the MS Gate™ software.