Article ID : 00045806 / Last Modified : 11/06/2018

Unable to view all of my YouTube subscriptions.

    YouTube® subscriptions may not appear for the following reasons:

    • Your YouTube account is set so that the subscriptions will not display. To resolve this, use a computer to log in to your YouTube account and adjust the settings.

      NOTE: Refer to the YouTube help page for information regarding account settings.

    • You have recently added subscriptions and they have not refreshed or updated on your Internet video device. Follow these steps to reload the YouTube app on the TV:
    1. Using the supplied remote, press the Return button to exit the YouTube app.
    2. Make sure the YouTube icon remains selected in the menu and press the Enter button.

    The app will reload and download the latest content available on the YouTube server.

    NOTE: In some instances, there may be a delay in updating the YouTube server, try again later if the latest subscriptions do not appear.